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about us

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Our mission is to change lives by helping students overcome the challenges of standardized tests.
Tens of thousands of students and thousands of educators have been served. We have:

  • Published 14 teacher manuals and student workbooks for elementary, middle and high school faculty and students.
  • Provided related in-service training for teachers at public and private schools.
  • Conducted over 100 presentations on standardized testing for parents and students across America.
  • Developed the website which helps teachers and students prepare for the SAT and ACT with over 120 videos, review quizzes and an instructional manual.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s never too early to start and you already have.  When you taught her colors, numbers, and even games, you are helping her prepare for future challenges.  Play games together, challenge her with mental math calculations, and read together.  Make learning fun.  Let her challenge you – and make mistakes.  Show her that you keep on trying even if you goof.

Yes and no.  They are fair in that the tests are administered under the same requirements (time, space, bubble sheets, pencils, etc.) and are the same questions.  They are unfair in that not all students have been exposed to the same information.  For example, one class has covered all the multiplication tables and another class has not.  If multiplying 9 x 8 is required for a problem, students who haven’t learned that information are at a disadvantage.  This example is just one kind of potential deficit.  Data show that students in wealthy neighborhoods are ahead of students in low-income neighborhoods.

Just like anything we do in life, if we prepare and practice, we do better.  Becoming familiar with the test and the way test writers create tricky answers will help her avoid their traps.  [That’s why we wrote Becoming Test Savvy.]

First, assess your own attitude about standardized tests.  Do they make you anxious?  Are you anxious for your child?  If so, you are not alone, but you don’t want to transmit this anxiety to you child.  Think of the test as a challenging game for which you and your child can prepare.  Second, help your child to think of the test as a game:  sometimes he will get the right answer and sometimes he won’t, but that’s OK.  It’s not a teacher-made test.  He’s not trying to get a perfect score.  Taking off that pressure can make a big difference in his anxiety.


Do you know children who struggle on standardized tests? Do you want to help them?

Becoming Test Savvy is an insider’s guide for parents and teachers who want to improve their children’s standardized test performance.  Combining his experience as a standardized test question writer and over 30 years’ experience working with students, training teachers, and publishing books on improving test scores, Bob Alexander is sharing his highly effective strategies.  In addition to individual students, K-12 public and private schools have documented exceptional results using his copyrighted approaches to improve scores.

This book is designed to help parents and teachers:

Icon TransformTransform
  • Transform children’s attitudes toward standardized tests.
  • Explain these tests and how to approach them.
  • Reveal rules that test writers must follow.
Icon TeachTeach
  • Understand how teacher-made tests and standardized tests are different.
  • Recognize that standardized tests require critical thinking skills.
  • Teach powerful analytical and reasoning skills that are used by successful test takers.
Icon EngageEngage
  • Provide concrete strategies to attack test questions.
  • Engage students in exercises to practice these strategies.


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